Don Mescall

Singer - Songwriter - Producer

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"Dons delighted to have co-written with Geri her new tv series theme song "Rainbow Woman"

Don Mescall & Sharon Corr -
Exclusive performance

Nathan Carter -
"This Song is For You"

Don Mescall -
In The Pepperpot

Geri Halliwell -
"Angels in Chains"

Don Mescall -
"Constant Angel"

Written by Don Mescall and Mike Reid.

Shane Filan -
"Your Love Carries Me"

Giulia - "Radio Junkie" (Co-written by Don Mescall)

Na Fianna -
"Toora Loora Lay"

Marina Kaye - "Live Before I Die" (Acoustic Session)

Kirsty Bertarelli - "The Ghosts Of Christmas Past" ft. The YMCA North Staffordshire Choir

Sharon Corr - "We Could Be Lovers" (Co-written by Don Mescall)

Rascal Flatts - "Secret Smile" Bob That Head Tour

Aslan - "Too Late for Hallelujah"

Richie Havens - "Paradise"

Kirsty Bertarelli - "Baby Where Do You Run To" (Live at Gstaad Country Festival) ft. Don Mescall Performing

Don Mescall & Aslan - "Catch Your Fall"

Don Mescall - "Long Way Down"

Kirsty Bertarelli - "Disappeared" (Co-written by Don Mescall)

Clay Aiken - "Grace of God" (Obama For Change Campaign)

The New Cities - "The Hype" (Co-written by Don Mescall)

Laura O'Neill - "You Don't Remember Me"

Kirsty Bertarelli and Ronan Keating - "Send Out A Message (To The World)"

Backstreet Boys - "Trouble Is" (Live at the O2 Arena London)

Ronan Keating & Rita Comisi - "All Over Again"

Boyzone - "Too Late For Hallelujah"

Kirsty Bertarelli - "There She Goes"

Garou - "Heaven's Table"

Ronan Keating & Rita Guerra - "All Over Again"

Don Mescall & Aslan - "Catch Your Fall"

Ronan Keating & Kate Rusby - "All Over Again"

Sharon Corr - "We Could Be Lovers" (Co-written by Don Mescall)

Don Mescall - "Talking With Jennifer"

Kirsty Bertarelli - "Drive"(Cover) (Video featuring Don Mescall)